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11/15/2014: HIP EXTENSION


11/15/2014: HIP EXTENSION


CrossFit Deerfield Beach – CrossFit


Metcon (Time)


Team of 2

400 m run , holding the WB OH

100 WB over the football goal

400 m run , any form of WB carry

100 WB sit ups, one working at a time

400 m run, any form of WB carry

100 half Burpee push ups on the MB bring MB to OH position

400 m run , holding WB OH

100 WBs over the football goal

Touch the cone on the track to finish

Rules: WB cannot touch the floor during the entire WOD except during the sit ups when the WB is touching the floor behind their heads.

Partner can switch the WB during the run.

10 Burpee punishment for for each teammate if the WB is dropped on the floor.


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