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1/16:Deer,What is CrossFit Community?


1/16:Deer,What is CrossFit Community?

Performance WOD
8 Sets:
2 Heavy Back Squats – Descend slowly
Rest 2:00 between each set & mobilize: Couch Stretch/deep squat hip opener on pull-up rig
AMRAP for 6:00
3 Thrusters 95/135
6 RX Pull-ups or Burpees (no bands or jumping pull-ups)
9 KBS 55/70

Fitness WOD
8 Sets
5 Back Squats with good form
Rest :60 sec between each set
AMRAP for 6:00
3 Thrusters #35-75
6 Half-Burpees
9 KBS #15-35

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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  1. Michele

    Great job this morning with the 6 am crew! Nice form on your squats Isabel…you’re getting closer to your goal. Nice RX on the WOD Sunshine!

  2. Tigress

    It’s always a pleasure to coach the lunch class. We got some big numbers on the whiteboard on the back squats. Hope all lot of DEER will post their accomplishments. Nice to see you Punita starting to load up the bar. Looking forward to coach you all in the morning .

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