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1/24: Get your Pose on!

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  1. Danny

    the most I have ever run is 2 Miles, lately I have rum 1.5 Miles, for sure I will need a push to complete 5K…I am freaking out.. :o/

  2. Tigress

    You will be fine Danny. Whatever you cannot run you will walk. Congratulations to Rob, he improved his 5k run by 3 minutes and 36 seconds. Awesome job RoB. His last 5 k was in September 2013. It pays off to record your times Deer.

  3. Kara Moore

    I was pretty excited when I saw it was a nice run. I was on my way there when I thought “Wait! If it is just a run, I can run my 5K along the beach.” So the beach won out. No offense to you all, but unless I am running a race, any other distance runs I am running along beach. I know my pace is 10min. miles. My training with you all have cut my a min off my mile. I did 9 miles with 25 out of hand obstacles in 2 hours. Could not do this 10 mos. ago when I just started my training with you all. The stamina I have acquired has improved immensely. On my way to my first marathon in April.

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