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3/12: Snatch, snatch, snatch…


3/12: Snatch, snatch, snatch…

Workout of the Day
400m Run
12 Hang Clean to Thruster (65/95)
6 DB Snatches each arm (15/25)
400m Run
9 Hang Clean to Thruster (65/95)
9 DB Snatches each arm (15/25)
400m Run
6 Hang Clean to Thruster (65/95)
12 DB Snatches each arm (15/25)

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    1. Kerry

      Umm… if I couldn’t walk today what is it going to feel like tomorrow? My legs are probably stronger but I wouldn’t know it because they feel like jello.

  1. Rob

    lol. I don’t know about bleeding but it feels like it was the first time I’ve ever done a leg workout. Thanks for that lol

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