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Workout of the Day
2 Person Team
100 Deadlift 65/95
2k Row
50 Power Cleans 65/95
2k Row
100 Push-ups
**Note: reps may be partitioned as a team as well as the row but you may not move from one movement to the next until all reps/meters are completed. Only one person working at a time

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

10 Responses

  1. Pam

    I had to come back here to apologize my comment.
    I understand the benefits and complexity of this great sport so I had no intention to disrespect it or anyone who has a true passion for it.
    Tony, I do embrace this boring pain. That’s why during the kids workout i usually pull out an erg and force myself to row 1 or 2k. I don’t remember cherry picking a wod because there was rowing involved and for some reason i watch most of the videos u guys post about that. Maybe because it looks more interesting than it really feels to me.
    So as a head coach and rowing master, I would like to take your patient advice on how to suck a little less.

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