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4/4: Crossfit is not just about barbells & pr’s….


4/4: Crossfit is not just about barbells & pr’s….

Workout of the Day
8 X :20 of work/:10 rest
– Row for Cal
– Hand Release Push-ups
– Wallballs 14/20
– Russian Trunk Twist w/ Kettlebell
– DB alternating press 15/25

1:00 min Transition between each

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

3 Responses

  1. Denise

    Awesome video, great program! Having a sister with special needs, this is a great way to help these kids feel part of something!

  2. Kara Moore

    I absolutely love the video about children with autism. I work every Thursday and Saturday volunteering as a seatbelt on horses to children with autism. I act as a seatbelt for the children on one side and the therapist is on the other side working with them. I have even spoken to some of the therapist about my CrossFit training. Obviously some children are more high functioning then others. I think it is a fantastic idea to help with their focus and repetitive behaviors. If you would like I can engage in more serious conversations with the therapist just to see what their thoughts are about it. Just let me know if you all are interested in incorporating this type of training in the WODs. I would need to clear it with my boss at the ranch to make sure it is cool to have these chats with the therapists to do this, but first thing is first. I volunteer at the Pompano stables Sand and Spurs. We also have a ranch in Davie as well.

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