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8/21: Why do you CrossFit Deer?


8/21: Why do you CrossFit Deer?

Workout of the Day
7 minute AMRAP #1
5 Power Cleans (65/95)
7 Burpees
(Note: unbroken or go lighter)
Rest 5 minutes
7 minute AMRAP #2
12 Hand-Release Push Ups
10 Russian KB Swings (55/70)

8 Responses

  1. Coach Tony

    Rowing WOD @ 6pm. Please sign up online

    30 min AMRAP
    2 person team

    250m row
    5 thrusters 65/95
    5 burpees over the bar

    Only one person working at a time.

  2. Natalia

    I Crossfit because I thought I was fit. When I worked out I always did it for the way I wanted to look. I still care how I look and if I gain or lose weight, but not to the point I used to.

    My body has changed completely and I actually workout less now. But I truly Crossfit because there is always something I can get better at and I want to. If its not pushing more weight, it’s going faster and then it’s pushing more weight faster.

    Ok enough sharing. I really like the WOD. maybe I’ll actually finish this one, unlike today. LOL. (but got a #10lb pr)

  3. Patty

    My husband John was going to Crossfit almost for a year before I started. I would drive by and see everyone (including girls 1/2 my size) lifting these weights and wearing knee socks!!! I said “nope, not for me”. Lol!!! I was very intimidated.
    I am a Type I Diabetic (Insulin Dependent), using an Insulin Pump and my glucose levels were uncontrolled. I told my husband that I’d try it for 1 month to see how I like it. Well, Crossfit is a workout like no other. I’ve always been competitive but this takes it to a whole new level. I love the challenge, I can’t wait to look at what the WOD will be for the next day. I’m feeling better than I have in years!!! Crossfitters are special people for sure.
    My goal is to do a Kipping Pull-up one day 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing Deer! Our goal is to help each and everyone of you reach yours. Patty you definitely will and I can’t wait to be there to share that with you! 🙂

  5. kerry

    I Crossfit for the support; community and because I am addicted to getting stronger. I like that I am not afraid to try new things because everyone is there to help. I have lost 20 lbs and have learned a lot about myself and my body. It is never boring always a challenge and doesn’t allow me to cheat myself out of my workouts. It changes all the time and makes me happy. PATTY hang in there I just got my first pull-up last week. You will get there in your own time.

  6. Frank

    I crossfit because I want to push myself to my limits. That’s the only way I can accomplish something really great. Since March, I’ve been a Deer and I have changed tremendously. I am in the best shape of my life and I feel great. I really appreciate all the coaches at CFDB, you have all helped me thus far. I look up to you and fellow Deer from which I’ve learned about persistence and determination and I’ve learned that I am capable of more than I ever I thought I could be. I’m developing goals that I want to achieve (OHSs for example) and I’m getting there. Crossfit has kind of changed my life. No matter where I’m at I can always improve myself and I strive to do better in all areas of my life. I’m totally hooked, I drank the koolaid.

  7. Jennifer Millikin- Roberts

    I crossfit because of the sense of accomplishment I get after I finish each and every WOD. I used to tell Bosky that there was no way I would join CFDB cause I can’t do the stuff you crazy people do. Now I’m one of the crazies too!!! And I CAN do it!! I will always strive to do better every day and thanks to my awesome coaches I know I will! Thank you Stephen and Tigress for serving up the Koolaid 🙂

  8. Mike H

    I started Crossfit admittedly because I had a Groupon but also wanted to learn Olympic lifting. I also tried doing Cindys in a gym prior to Crossfit and realized I wasn’t in the shape I thought I was. After completing the CFDB beginners’ classes I got hooked on the WODs. It became an obsession. Doing something different every workout is the key. I soon realized my blood pressure began to normalize and though nothing else in the world would command my dedication to get up early in the morning to WOD at 6am, Crossfit was it. I continue Crossfit because I see changes in my body I would not otherwise have achieved by going to a globo gym.

    Props Coaches! Thank you!

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