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And here we go…


And here we go…

21-15-9 for time | Power Cleans(65#/45#) | Burpees | Jumping Pull Ups

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  1. Tigress

    Another day in paradise. We had such a great turnout today. I just love how everybody is getting hooked and how many of you guys are just walking in and leaning about CrossFit. Steven and I love our box and always feel so blessed to meet new people everyday. Thank you coach Tony , for coaching our 7 pm class while Steven and I were wodding with our new friends. You did an awesome job.

    1. ana volinski

      Hey Tigress,

      GREAT PIC! the space is BEAUTIFUL!

      What an elegant website, the logo is so cool!

      Can’t wait to visit your box!


  2. tony

    Thank you guys so much for your great vibe and spirit! truly what Crossfit is about. So much fun coaching the 7pm class!!

  3. Tigress

    New faces everyday. Familiar faces returning. Thank you everybody for coming out today. You all did so well on your power cleans. So proud of you. Thank you Ana for your feedback, cannot wait to get you into our box.

  4. Danielle Granger

    This was the first time I did power cleans and I loved it once I got the hang of it. When I got to 15 Burpees, I almost gave up but with the help of Steven, encouraging me, letting me know that Im doing well and to keep it up, I enjoyed this workout till the end!!! 🙂 Thanks Steven!

  5. You’re welcome Danielle, anytime 😉 For someone who dislikes burpees I must say you do them pretty well! LOL Keep it up girl!! Gaby and I will continue to help you reach your goal(s)!!!

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