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Announcements: Olympic lifting & equipment concerns


Announcements: Olympic lifting & equipment concerns


We would like to address the issue of members attending olympic lifting classes who are not training with Coach Jesus Henares as well as members lifting during regular classes. Although we have previously allowed members to lift during classes on occasion, we are now asking all members to refrain from it. It is becoming more of a disruption to our classes and coaching. Also, if members are serious about improving their olympic lifting please consider signing up for the Oly classes with Coach Jesus Henares.

Olympic lifting on M/W/Th nights are for the Deer in Jesus’ class only. It is not our intention to exclude everyone from improving on their olympic lifting. It is limited to those who receive specific coaching on a regular basis for safety reasons. Everyone is encouraged to work on lifts or skills during open gym, after WODs and during scheduled classes under supervision.

Lastly, Deer please start bringing your own sports tape to tape your hands and your own weight belts. Rolls of tape can be purchased at the box for $5/roll and any of the coaches will gladly show you how to tape your hands, but the lifting belts are personal equipment of some of the coaches. Thank you for understanding and we welcome feedback from all of our Deer.

Best wishes,

Gaby & Steven

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