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As many rounds and reps as possible


As many rounds and reps as possible

18 minute AMRAP | 5 Pull-ups | 10 Over head squats (45/65) | 15 Double unders or 45 singles

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  1. TONY

    Great effort today guys! Overhead squats looked SOLID. everyone is making huge improvements in such ashort amount of time!

  2. Tigress

    I miss you already Tony. Steven and I had to wod by ourselves today. Thank you girls for pushing us so hard , I was ready to call it a day after 8 rds. Lol. It’s hard to come back after such a long break. But what a comeback it was.
    I am so pleased to see our Deers practicing the jump ropes and dubs. Some of you are getting the the first dubs in . Nice job.

  3. KGB

    I just want to give huge props to whomever took this picture. What a great pic!!!!
    Yes Tigress you kicked butt again, and we loved to push you, I love to see the coaches suffer too. Lol…

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