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As Many Rounds As Possible


As Many Rounds As Possible

18 Minute AMRAP |

  • 12 SDLHP (65#/45#)
  • 9 Deck Squat
  • 6 Push Jerk (65#/45#)


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  1. Daniella

    Yesterday’s WOD at the beach was such a good time! I can’t wait for more destination WODs. It was great teaming up with Cassandra! Thanks Gaby and Steven!

  2. You’re welcome Daniella! You always push hard and I love that about you. You and Cassandra both have what it takes and are your way to being some awesome CrossFit athletes!! 😉 Don’t worry we have plenty more exciting destination WODs coming up very soon!

  3. Tigress

    First destination WOD was such a hit. Great teamwork “Deers” lol. You all came with an open mind and worked so hard to get the WOD done. Cannot wait to see all of you back in the gym. Steven and I truly enjoy seeing you guys falling in love with CrossFit.

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