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10, 9, 8,….3, 2, 1 | Deadlifts(95#/65#) | Burpees | Hand Stand Push Ups

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  1. Tigress

    Second day in business and we have already been blessed with so many new friends. It is such a pleasure to coach a group that is so eager to learn about CrossFit. We are expanding our family with every class. You guys are awesome. Cannot wait until tomorrow. Looking forward to see already familiar faces as well as new ones.

  2. Another great 6am crew with a few familiar faces who were BACK FOR MORE 🙂 and a couple of new faces too!! Great job Danielle & Jasmin. We are glad you came in and got to experience your first taste of CrossFit with us. Now just stick with it like Steve, Hutch, Meka, and K and you ladies will be fitter than you could ever imagine, promise! See you all very soon 😉

  3. KGB

    So much fun wodding with Tigress! Great Hspu’s, making me very jealous!
    What was your time Wang? Did I get my butt handed to me again?
    Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  4. Tigress

    But I beat your time. LOL Great wodding with you, KGB. You picked the bar up like a toothpick. Another great day at the box. Lot of new faces . I love how everybody is signing up and coming so prepared. Thanks you guys , you all rock.

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