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5 Rounds for time (35#/55#) | 5 Front squats | 5 Back squats | 5 Over head squats | 5 Strict press | 5 Push press | 5 Push jerks | 5 Deadlifts | 5 SDLHP | 5 Cleans

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  1. Tigress

    What a way to start the week. Crazy energy at CrossFit Deerfield Beach. 11 Deers to start the day and 15 in the 6 pm class. 3 coaches and 15 Deers. I call that quality coaching. Every class was filled today. Great turnout. It will be 3 weeks tomorrow that we opened our garage doors to invite the Deerfield community into our box to get a taste do CrossFit . It seems ages ago. Thank you all guys for coming back every day for more.

  2. WOW! Another great day, with great energy and a great turnout!! You guys all did amazing and are starting understand what CrossFit truly is. It’s more than just a formula for fitness, it’s about people sharing the experience of personal growth, caring for one another and pushing each other to do and be our best!! Love you Deers!!! Keep it up and we promise it will change your lives like it has for us!!! 🙂

  3. KGB

    Oh man, I can’t believe I am missing this one :((
    Done with wilderness for now, going to see our friends in crossfit Greensboro. We will travel 13 hours back tomorrow… Yay! NOT!!!
    Miss you guys, see you Thursday, Friday and definitely Saturday!!!!!!

  4. Jan

    I like this one! Five is such a nice low number, lol. Too bad I am working and you are not back yet KGB, we could have taken the champ on for this one!
    I am very excited for you, Gabby and Steve! See you Saturday…just not sure on the time yet.

    BTW, Very impressive whiteboard!!

  5. Have a safe drive back KGB. Can’t wait to kick your butt some more 😛 Thank you Jan!! Come by anytime. You don’t have to wait till Saturday 🙂 Yes, it was and you’re doing great Meaghan!! Keep it up!!!

  6. Tigress

    You did awesome Meghan. Cannot weight for you to do the full 9 reps with 45#s. Today’ s WOD wasn’t easy. It was not so much about the weight but more so about accomplishing these exercises with good form. I am so proud of you guys. Our regular Deers did really well. Coming to our classes for the last 3 weeks has paid off. You got it down Deers. Our newcomers worked really hard as well. This was a difficult WOD, lots of different movements. I will hopefully see all of our new Deers next week in our new foundations classes.

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