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Congrats to 1st ever CrossFit Games repeat Champions!!!


Congrats to 1st ever CrossFit Games repeat Champions!!!

400m Buy-in | 5 Rounds for time | 15 Dumbbell cleans (10/20) | 30 Mountain climbers | 45 Sit-ups | 400m Cash-out

Thank you to all the 2012 CrossFit Games competitors for putting on a great show and also to the first ever repeat champions, Annie Thorisdottir and Rich Froning Jr.

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  1. James

    The games were amazing! True athletes through and through. Makes me want to work that much harder in the box. I want to compete next year!

  2. I agree James, it was amazing to watch as always and super inspiring!!! Keep working towards excellence and you’ll be a strong competitor in no time!! 🙂

  3. Pamella Falcao

    Today was the first time “I wont be able to finish” crossed my mind. But I took my time (long time lol ) and many deep breaths and finished the WOD! Thanks Steven, Gabi and Clint (Clint, right? I remember He saying “your hopping Pam! Bring your feet up” lol ) for the support.

  4. Mehul

    Thank you steven for your support and motivation…. When I started I had in my mind that It is impossible to finish the WOD but went on and I’m so glad I could finished it…have great day!

  5. Cassandra

    WooHoo this workout sounds like FUN!!!! I’ve missed too many days… I was used to going every other day…. I Miss working out at the box : ) See you at 6…

  6. Great job Mehul and Pam!! These are the days that make us grow. We look at them and learn from finishing what we started and know that even when times are tough we can work through anything! 😉

  7. Cassandra

    Am I doing something wrong??? My tailbone is raw after doing all those sit ups yesterday. Am I the only one??? Any suggestions how to avoid this from happening a 3rd time? Besides wrapping my bum in bubble wrap or Charmin…

  8. No Cassandra, you are not doing anything wrong! I’m sorry you have to say good bye to a beautiful bum 😉 I believe every CrossFitter has the same scars. It’s just part of it…a very sore, tender, ugly part of it. LOL I’ve been there too and know Tom, Ana, and Serg all said they feel your pain. 🙂

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