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“Deer in the Wild” – Photo Contest!!!


“Deer in the Wild” – Photo Contest!!!

Hello Deers,

We are beginning our “Deer in the Wild” contest that we’ve been talking about. This month we are asking all Deer to submit photos with creative captions while wearing your CrossFit Deerfield Beach T-shirts doing what you love to do. Whether you are going on vacation to a beautiful place or spending time with loved ones, just have fun with it! At the end of the month we will upload a photo album of all entries. The photo with the most votes will win a very nice prize that any CrossFitter would love to claim!!! Submit as many photos and captions as you would like and the contest ends July 31, 2012! Photo submissions will be posted on July 24th to allow for one week of voting. Winner will be chosen and announced the evening of July 31st. Prize will be given out that Friday night at our CrossFit Deerfield Beach Social!! 🙂 3-2-1 GO!!!

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  1. Hi Cassandra 🙂 thank you for always giving it your best!! I love coaching all of you Deer because every one of you wants to get better! Cassandra maybe you should adopt Pam’s method of practicing her clean with a broom while cleaning her house, since you haven’t gotten a pipe yet 😉 See you Friday…it’s going to be GREAT!!! 😉

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