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Foundations B, all day Deers!!


Foundations B, all day Deers!!

Deers, all day long we will be coaching the Foundations B class. If you have any questions please contact us. Thank you, Gaby & Steven

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  1. Steve Martin

    Great workout this morning. Thanks Steven ..
    I’m going to do a run to the beach and back at 6am. Wednesday morning, if anyone is interested in running.

  2. Great Job Steve!! The run sounds great! Anyone who would like to run with Steve this Saturday just let either him or I know and we will organize a group run! It will be fun!!! 😉

  3. Tigress

    What a great turn out for our foundation classes. I am thrilled to see how well you are all doing with your movements. Our CrossFit family is growing daily. 19 Deers in the last class last night, crazy energy. Nothing we couldn’t handle with 3 coaches on board. Few more days of great instructions and corrections. I love how passionate you Deers are about improving your crossfit skills. See you all in the morning for more.

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