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Friday 09/07: Fractured “Angie”


Friday 09/07: Fractured “Angie”

Buy in: 400 meter Run | 4 rounds of: 25 pull ups | 25 push ups | 25 sit ups | 25 squats | Cash out: 400 meter Run

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  1. KGB

    Ha, Ha… Love your gravatar Denise!!!! I definitely train hard since I look like dirty mop head after each WOD.
    Steven, are those my hands from Summer crush games or some other poor souls?

  2. @KGB – just another Angie victim 🙂 did “Hollyman” with Tigress this afternoon…wish you would have joined us. We finished it though and very happy about that!

  3. Lisa

    Thanks for a great Friday! I was good to be back. Nice day to come back to after a week out of town. Thanks again. BTW, didn’t get my pic of me with Tigress & Steven.

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