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Friday 09/21: Social tonight at 7 pm!!


Friday 09/21: Social tonight at 7 pm!!

7 round of 7 reps each: hand stand push ups | thrusters (95/135) | knees-to-elbows | deadlift (185/245) | burpees | kettle bell swings (55/75) | pullups

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  1. Tigress

    Congratulations James on your muscle ups. Rob’s presentation of a muscle up was very entertaining as well. Lol. Great social last night. Steven and myself left the gym around 2 am. We need a few more weeks to recover from this one. Thank you everybody for getting yourself out of bed to join us for our team WOD. Hope everybody enjoys their weekend . See you all back Monday. Please see me for your final measurements and keep up with the Paleo Diet.

  2. Rob

    Haha the MU antics were great. The social was awesome, you guys did a great job. Everyone had a great time and I know I cant wait for the next one.

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