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Friday 09/28: Benchmark hero WOD “Daniel”


Friday 09/28: Benchmark hero WOD “Daniel”

50 pullups | 400 meter run | 21 thrusters (65/95) | 800 meter run | 21 thrusters | 400 meter run | 50 pullups

Dedicated to Army Sgt 1st Class Daniel Crabtree who was killed in Al Kut, Iraq on Thursday June 8th 2006.

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  1. Pam what happened?! You can post again? 🙂 Fyi, I didn’t do anything different! Enjoy this one Deer…it’s going to be a little challenging! 😉 Please post your times and how your felt…lol! I think my time was 18:34.

  2. Also, just got a 7 am WOD in at Reebok CrossFit 5th Ave in NYC. The coaches Megan and Bobby were great and the WODs were fun!! Death by Pull Ups 15 min. cap…15 rounds…and then 30/20/10 Wall Balls(20), Box Jumps(24), and KB Swings(53)…9:30 Rx 🙂 Keep training hard Deer! Can’t wait to be back and see you!!

  3. Pam

    Well… somebody is too busy in NYC so I decided to “lift this weight” by myself. I used a different e-mail address and boom!!! Problem solved! Not being able to work out neither leave comments here was too sadI! I miss you all! Post your times, post your pain!!!

  4. Hahaha….well I’m glad you took the initiative and got it done 🙂 that’s what I’m talking about! I promise I’ll get it sorted for you shortly. Why aren’t you WOD’ing? 🙁

  5. James Diaz

    Hell of a workout. Much respect to the armed forces. My little brothers in the military now so I love this stuff. Should have Rx’ed huh Tony? Lol

  6. Tigress

    Daniel was a great way to finish this week. All Deer worked really hard .. Hope you all come out to the beach tomorrow morning for some fun. The car is already packed with some beach toys. Coach Irena and myself will be ready to go by 7:45. Look for our blue tent south of the pier.
    We had three out of town guests today Lisa, Asley and George from CT. Thank you for coming in it was a pleasure to coach you guys.
    Lou came in with a big surprise for our 7 pm class. Thank you Lou for that awesome prowler. The 7 pm Deer worked their butts off on that prowler.LOL. And one more thing. I enjoyed a fantastic massage from Anatol at the gym. And thank you “dips” for staying with me tonight at the gym. See you all tomorrow

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