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Friday 12/07: Hero WOD “DT”


Friday 12/07: Hero WOD “DT”

5 Rounds:

– 12 Deadlifts

– 9 Hang Power Cleans

– 6 Push Jerks

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  1. Coach Tony

    Absolutely Steven. A lot of time,energy & thought is put into the programming & coaching at our box. This is a community program & endeavor. When we cherry pick we show disrespect to not just the principles of Crossfit “ready for anything” but we most importantly disrespect ourselves, the box & the entire group. Each of us may have our good days & our bad but just like life, we must accept that & be willing to challenge ourselves & get out of our “comfort zone”. Thank you very much for all you & Tigress do & especially for bringing Crossfit to Deefield Beach & promoting such a positive program & atmosphere. Without this someone of us (myself included) would still be slinging barbells in our front driveway without any support. This is CROSSFIT……

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