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Injury Prevention Workshop this Saturday at 9:30 AM!!!


Injury Prevention Workshop this Saturday at 9:30 AM!!!

10, 9, 8,….3, 2, 1 | Wall balls | Jump rope (30 double-unders after each round or 100, 90, 80,….30, 20, 10 singles)

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  1. Pamella Falcao

    This week you guys help me realize how important it is to work on my mind. I read this long time ago and I would like to share.
    ” The untrained mind is like a wild horse. It runs away when we try to find it, shies when we try to approach it. If we find a way to ride it, It takes off with the bit in its teeth and finally throws us right into the mud.”
    Gabi, please dont forget the baby tire! I need to get it right!
    Thank you also for helping us with the kids! 😉

  2. This WOD is looking forward to you too Ricardo 😉 Glad you realize that a big part of what we do is mental Pam! You are doing great!! I’m with you Steve…where was everyone this morning? You are welcome too! 🙂 Fyi, everyone else is getting to flip some tires instead of extra pull-up training!

  3. Tigress

    Today’s WOD was great. Our practice from last week paid certainly off. Congrats, Daniella on your Dubs. It was such a pleasure to see how well you mastered this Wod. Thank you everybody for cheering her on until the last rep was done. I have to say that I have seen such improvement in the pull ups this week. The swings are looking so strong now and some of you Deer accomplished your first kipping pull ups. You guys are just great. You never complain, always eager to learn. The weekend is coming up. Get ready deer ! Bench mark Wod tomorrow and partner/ team wod on Saturday. Cannot wait.

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