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Its Just 7 Reps…


Its Just 7 Reps…

7 Rounds for time | 7 Pull-ups | 7 Hang Power Snatches (35#/45#) | 7 Dips | 7 Front Squats (35#/45#)

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  1. It was a good one Steve and your kipping pull-ups are coming along very nicely! Keep up the great work!! Bryan better watch out 🙂 Jen for your first WOD you did excellent and your snatches were very good!!

  2. Tigress

    Finished the day with 15 Deers. OMG, what an awesome 6 pm class. Thanks you all for coming out to give us a try. So many regular and familiar faces now and new ones every day. Cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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