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Official 30 Day Paleo Challenge Post


Official 30 Day Paleo Challenge Post

Hi Deer, this is the official 30 Day Paleo Challenge Post. Please leave your comments, questions, answers, tips, recipes, experiences, rants, raves, jokes, and anything in between here. We want to create dialogue and use this as a place where we can share and help each other make the most out of our group Paleo experience!! So chime in…3-2-1-Go!!! 🙂

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    1. Kerry

      When are we doing another challenge? I haven’t stopped the first one yet but I noticed I am sneaking in some Carbs and chocolate during the past week. Don’t want to lose my momentum.

      1. Kerry we are starting another one just after the new year so in about 2 weeks. Stay strong, enjoy the holidays and then we are all going to start the new year off right! 😉

  1. Joel

    Kerry- here is my morning shake: 1 bananna, scoop of almond butter, 4 ice cubes, 8 oz of almond milk, and 1/2 cup of any fresh berries you have. Blend and drink at least 45 mins before the WOD. I’m a big guy so if these portions are too much for you, cut them in half. Enjoy!

    1. Flavia Melo

      I do the exact same shake but with half of the milk..I love it! However I like drinking it right after the workout, I can’t really eat before the workouts in the am..some people say its not good to workout without eating bc your muscles dont have much “fuel” and some say its good bc there is a larger fat breakdown…anyone has an opinion on this?

  2. christine pezzo

    i purchased 20 of the “perfect food bars” Tony recommended from the Fresh Market…it was like singing Amazing grace how sweet it is on the first bite and the second and the third…Thanks Tony!

  3. Tigress

    I made the “egg free grain free muffins” from our paleo book. Took 30 minutes. You need the ingredients and a food processor. Made them yesterday while I had time. Put them in freezer bags. Ready to go. Got 18 out of the recipe and they are yummy. If you eat 3 to 4 you will be happy.Great breakfast and you can prepare it at any time. And yes Kerry M. I noticed a difference in your looks as well. Keep it up it’s paying off.

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