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Reebok CrossFit Games 2012 has begun…


Reebok CrossFit Games 2012 has begun…

3 Rounds for time | 15 Burpee box jumps | 15 Deadlifts (65/95) | 400 Meter run

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  1. Tigress

    Miss all the deer while I am at the hospital waiting for the arrival of my grand daughter “the little deerling”. Looks like everybody is doing awesome. Keep up the good work , see you all on Monday.

  2. James

    Definitely got smoked on those burpee box jumps! Lol. Just workin through the pain and my body telling me to stop. Can’t wait for tomorrow!!

  3. We miss you Tigress!!! Can’t wait to see the little deerling!! 😉 James you crushed it today, keep it up! You and Tom are on your way to becoming CrossFit Firebreathers!! Props to Tom who had the best time today with 11 minutes Rx. Everyone pushed really hard today and I’m proud of each and everyone one of you. Thank you for your hard work and effort. It makes it that much more enjoyable! Can’t wait for tomorrow!! 🙂

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