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Saturday 11/10: Destination WOD “Pioneer Park” at 8 am!!


Saturday 11/10: Destination WOD “Pioneer Park” at 8 am!!

Pioneer Park
217 N.E. 5th Ave.
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

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    1. Bo Peep

      So glad to have joined CrossFit DB today at ‘The Park’. Wasn’t so sure at first. Great workout Tigress and
      Steve. Thanks to my teammates for for carrying me. Nice to meet all of you. – Julie a.k.a. Bo Peep

  1. Great job Deer, proud of all of you for “pushing” through that one!! 😉 Nice to have you Julie and Rebecca join us. Everyone did great as Tigress said. Can’t wait for the next one! Have a great weekend and don’t forget about our “BBQ & Beer Social” next Friday at 6 PM.

  2. Rebecca

    Fun WOD this morning! Nice to meet some of the deerfield beach crossfitters and WOD at Pioneer Park…great location 🙂 Can’t wait to come back and WOD at the box…hopefully next week! P.S. I love the pink prowler 😉 Thanks for a great workout Tigress!

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