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Send in your “Deer in the Wild” photos


Send in your “Deer in the Wild” photos

5 Rounds of 3 minutes on with 1 minute rest (count total reps) | 3 Power snatch (45/65) | 6 Push jerk | 9 Back squats

Send in your “Deer in the Wild” photos! We’ve already got some good ones!! 🙂

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  1. Glad you guys liked it!! All the morning classes have done amazingly well. You all picked up the power snatch quickly and with great form! Very funny Steve!! 😉 I knew someone would have something to smart to say.

  2. Tigress

    Omg. You guys.
    This workout was a true challenge . I must say the snatch came fairly easy to most of our deer. Nice job everybody.. I love how hard everybody is working on their form. Skill work is going well. Bet you by the end of the week we will see our first kipping pull ups. Keep up the good work deer

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