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Test and Retest…Test time Deers


Test and Retest…Test time Deers

20 Burpees performed 3 times with 1 minute rest in between | 15 Kettle bell swings (35/53) | 100 meter sprint performed 3 times with 2 minutes rest in between

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  1. Tigress

    Great job Deers on today’s Wod. Omar blew us all away with his Burpee performance,. 20 Burpees in 33 seconds, that is pretty unbelievable. Omar started Crossfit a week ago. Second best time goes to Clint. 20 Burpees in 42 seconds.
    All your scores are going into the computer so we can compare them next month. Our ” Deers in the Wild” contest has started today. Make sure you all own a t-shirt and send in some great pictures.

  2. Pamella Falcao

    The workout was great, but having all 3 coaches around us was awesome!!!! Thank you so much!!! But please, don’t let Omar know the best score again :D. He really likes to compete!
    I also loved the “Deers in the wild” idea!!

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