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Thursday 09/06: Think about your transitions


Thursday 09/06: Think about your transitions

5 Rounds for time: 12 Deadlifts (95/155) | 9 Cleans (65/95) | 6 Push jerks (65/95)

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  1. Don’t forget about the 30 Day Paleo Challenge meetup tomorrow night, Thursday 09/06, at 8 pm!!! Bring a paleo dish that you would like to share…it’s optional so don’t feel obligated.

  2. Joel

    Dearest Steven-
    I wanna thank-you for the great workout this morning. MY “BACK” HOWEVER, keeps mumbling some pretty strong obscenties about you. 🙂

  3. 🙂 Joel, Joel, Joel…why does your back blame me when it decided to go heavier than it should of just because a beautiful and strong woman decided to join the boys for this mornings WOD?! LOL. And to be cool you have to go to http://www.gravatar.com and create a free account that associates a picture with your email. Can’t wait to see what kind of profile pic you choose. 🙂

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