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Thursday 09/27: Don’t underestimate this one…


Thursday 09/27: Don’t underestimate this one…

5 rounds, 9 reps of each: back squat, front squat, OH squat, strict press, push press, push jerk, deadlift, SDLHP, clean (45/65)

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  1. Tigress

    I will be posting some times for sure. We have done this WOD before with 3 rds. It was just unbelievable to watch our morning Deer to power through this workout. 35 and 55 lbs allowed for a sub 30 minute workout. But that is not all, the form was good. Our Deer have the moves down.I loved the OH squats. Sinthya ,Michele, Hanna , Chris and Janelle you outdid yourself. Sorry partner that yo have to miss all of this good stuff. LOL

  2. Tigress

    Congratulations Joe, Brian C, Omar and Steve on your rx Wod today. Brian, I will never doubt you again. Outstanding performance and push, you finished sub 35 . Steve , you got your butt kicked. I am very proud of our girls, most of them pushed through the workout with 35lbs. Please don’t forget our beach wod on Saturday. Hope to see you all.

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