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Tuesday 10/02: Time to find your deadlift max :)


Tuesday 10/02: Time to find your deadlift max :)

Find your Deadlift Max: 1-1-1-1-1 + 18 minute AMRAP: 10 Box jumps (24/20) | 10 Thrusters (95/65) | 10 Bar facing burpees

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  1. Tigress

    That looks like Ben pushing the damn prowler. Thank you so much Lou for providing us with this great training tool. I cannot say that I love it , but it certainly will make us stronger. Cannot wait to put it into our WODs.

  2. Tigress

    Congratulations to all our Deer on their max DeadLifts. Some of you pulled some serious weight. Lysander # 405. Michele and Diane #200, Cori #205, Marichelle 145, Kathryn #225 with lots of room for more. Samm #185, Brian, James, Greg, JR and Mike in the # 300 plus. Just to name a few. Awesome job Deer. There is more max lifting coming soon.

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