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Wednesday 09/05: A little AMRAP action


Wednesday 09/05: A little AMRAP action

25 minute AMRAP: 15 Wall balls | 15 Kettle bells swings (35/53) | 15 Toes-to-Bar

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  1. Pam

    My body didn’t want to respond this morning! Was I still sleeping? 😛 By the way I need a new pair of hands for tomorrow!!!! Steven and Gabi, would you modify something for me so I don’t skip a few days? How long does it take to heal those scars? HEEEEELLLPPP!! 😀

  2. Tigress

    Nice job Ina on your Toes to the Bar. I am so happy for you that you learned a new skill. Monique your KB swings were awesome. Welcome back Joe and Richard. We missed you guys.

  3. Hahaha…Denise you make me laugh…hahaha…I love the way you keep trying!! You’re getting better all the time. Nice Rx today Steve! Pam I wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t say anything. You’re probably just feeling the effects of making monster gains the past 2 weeks 😉 and no worries, I’ll show you how to tape your hands. It usually only takes me 3 days for my rips to heal so by the 4th day they’re fine. And I know that was a rhetorical question you posed because everyone knows we will always have a “mod” for you when you need one! Excellent job Ina on your Rx today!!! Very proud of you! Excellent job by our 7 pm’ers too! Thomas, Katherine & Greg finished off the day with the top Rx scores of the day 🙂 keep it up Deer!! Like Gaby said…”Welcome back Joe and Richard. We missed you guys.”

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