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Run till it’s fun!!!


Run till it’s fun!!!

4 Rounds for time | 400 Meter Run | 10 Thrusters (55#/35#) | 10 Kettle Bell Swings (35#/25#) | 10 Renegade Rows – each arm (20#/10#)

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  1. Tigress

    Cannot miss this sign while driving on SE 10th in Deerfield. Please keep in mind everybody ,we are offering free classes until the end of June to introduce CrossFit to anybody who is interested . We are getting great feedback from our students. They love it, it is fun, they are making friends , and they are learning every day a new skill that will prepare them well for any future classes. Thank you guys for coming you are so much to coach.

  2. Great job 7am class!! You got those thrusters down nicely Mehul. Denise very nice kettle bell swings. Danielle way stick it out with the rows. Keep it up!!!

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