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Yin yoga in particular focuses on deep stretching of the ligaments, in a conscientious way. While many athletes demand that their body preform and execute, they must remember they have to give back to that very body.

Yin and Yoga is a way of giving back – for the body to restore, and for the mind to release. We must understand that in order to be an accomplished, fine-tuned athlete, we must offer back to our body, healing it. Yin helps with flexibility, which prevents injury – this is the common connection we make. And while this is true, Yin does so much more than we realize. What this practice does most is ask that we stay in space, holding postures for minutes at a time. It calls upon your mental fitness, asks that you let go of stale and stagnant energy, and do your internal work on the mat.

This is one of the strongest tools any athlete can possess: mental strength, decrement, and clarity when in a high stakes situation. This is why the majority of professional programs offer Yoga. It is more than a trend; it’s a way to become an athlete who knows his/her body well, who finds peace in moments of chaos, and who aligns with the flow of athleticism. When you find yourself in flow as an athlete, there is nothing quite like it, and Yoga is a vital tool in attaining such a state of being.

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